risk & opportunity management

It is of paramount interest  to end users, principal contractors and specialist sub-contractors that key /adverse project risks are identified before they effect in order that they can be extinguished and /or managed out so as not to cause unmitigated damage to the project and respective businesses involved in the project.

Our robust approach in identifying, assessing and controlling the potential sources of project uncertainty and opportunity through a suitably tailored methodology of project risk and opportunity management has played a key role in delivering successful financial and operational outcomes for projects that we have been actively involved with.

We are able to deploy risk management to leverage opportunity and improve resilience. We continue to use risk management coupled with value based methods to support and enhance cost decisions, programme decisions and governance as part of a wider suite of leading-edge project management and controls tools.

Improved decision making using our expertise in challenging and analysing threats and opportunities, through scenario planning on both resource/cost and time constraints, increases the confidence that management have in steering the project towards a successful business and stakeholder outcome.

Project management

At Forry Limited, we believe that Project Management for the end user, principal contractor and specialist sub-contractors is about leadership and creativity.

Effective teamwork, after all, is central to success.

To achieve this, in consultation with our clients, we are are able to assist in putting together project teams that can respond with best practice solutions.

We understand the needs of every stakeholder and we build and motivate teams all the while co-ordinating the work of different contributors. We build long term relationships with our clients and by focusing on their business goals.

If required, we can put together specialist teams using our close links with peer consultants and contractors. We are able to ensure responsibilities are allocated quickly and effectively and in so doing we are able to manage project risk. Solutions are always bespoke to meet our clients needs.


Dispute Avoidance & Resolution 

Disputes are costly and time-consuming and in a majority of cases we encourage dispute avoidance in order to reduce confrontation and arrange an amicable settlement. In order to achieve this we work with our client and offer contract advice and dispute resolution strategies to support them in avoiding, preparing and defending claims.

We use our technical and contractual knowledge and experience to provide dispute avoidance services with the aim of avoiding expensive and time consuming procedures.

Our services in this space include:

  • dispute management and claims;
  • contact advice;
  • preparation and assessment of documentation;
  • commercial project reviews and claims avoidance strategies; and
  • training in contractual, commercial and time-related awareness

In instances where a claim develops into a more formal dispute we are able to deliver dispute solutions whether under formal legal proceedings or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This support covers analysis of commercial, planning and scheduling, project management and technical issues.


The construction, infrastructure and engineering markets are dynamic. External factors and uncertainties present a critical need to mitigate and transfer risks, and to avoid rising costs and protect margin expectations. We help our clients maximise value for money and minimise risk with procurement strategies and tactics that provide a balance with the requirements of cost, quality and time. 

We are able to provide practical solutions to ensure that best value procurement is achieved and appropriate risk is discharged. With experience in successfully delivering complex procurement routes, we take ownership to set, implement and deliver the strategy, understanding and alleviating any pressures and financial penalties that our clients may face.
There are many procurement methods available and choosing the right one is vital in getting the best results. We work closely with our clients to develop procurement strategies tailored to specific projects.

We consider all aspects of construction and examine any potential for savings, which might, include: innovation, collaborative solutions, incentivisation, prefabrication and modularisation opportunities.

claim preparation & management

Claims commonly arise between the parties to construction contracts. This can be as a result of problems such as; delays, changes, unforeseen circumstances, insufficient information, and conflicts.

Engineering and construction contracts are often complex and can involve a large number of stakeholders. Even on the best managed projects, claims will arise that can evolve into disputes unless they are managed efficiently and effectively.

When the inevitable contractual problems arise, we are able to offer strategic advice to manage contentious issues with the overall objective of avoiding costly disputes.

Claims might be made for loss and expense, extension of time, liquidated damages and so on. The contract should set out what can constitute a claim and how it should be dealt with. At Forry Limited our expert team are well versed in both the preparation and defence of day to day variation claims and the more complex loss and expense claims that are associated with delay and disruption. 

Successful management of claims and disputes is important to the project itself, as well as the stakeholders. To manage these claims it requires both tactical and strategic thinking, to minimise their effects. At Forry Limited we are able to support our clients throughout the process of claim management ensuring that the dispute is resolved in a timely and cost effective manner. We provide specialist claims management advice and are able to provide the service to prepare and defend of claims. We are also able to represent clients in negotiations to reach effective settlement and minimise project and business impacts.

Our highly experienced professional teams have assisted in the management of claims in the UK and internationally.

Our services in this space include:


  • investigative works;
  • delay analysis
  • claim documents preperation
  • assistance in the preparation of legal pleadings; and
  • where formal hearings such as litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, we will  work as an integrated part of our clients’ legal teams.



We employ people who are experts in the mechanical, electrical and public health sector of the construction, infrastructure and engineering markets. Our first-class team and our rigorous cost control systems ensure that value is exceeded for every client. 

We proactively manage our client’s fabrication and construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client's business goals and become their champion in project delivery, empowering their business decisions with our depth of building services knowledge and commercial acumen.

In performing our role as commercial managers we apply our knowledge and expertise to the financial and contractual aspects of the project, while our clients are able to concentrate on operational aspects. By doing so, we are able to protect our clients from poor cashflow and un-recovered losses associated with variations, delays and disruption that can arise when they are focused on completing operational aspects of the project

In providing commercial management and quantity surveying services we are able to offer:

  • Review and negotiation service for all contract conditions and identify key risks;
  • Preparation  and vetting of tender documentation to ensure full scope and appropriate risk is discharged;
  • Drafting, preparation and vetting sub-contract documents;
  • Preparation of monthly financial forecast statements;
  • Preparation and monitotring of cash flow forecast;
  • Preparation of monthly key performance indicators (KPI's);
  • Commercial administration, including preparation and delivery of contract notices;
  • Preparation of interim applications for payment;
  • Valuation of variations and compensation events;
  • Agreement of final accounts;
  • Preparation of sub-contract interim payments; and
  • Agreement of sub-contract accounts;