We employ people who are experts in the mechanical, electrical and public health sector of the construction, infrastructure and engineering markets. Our first-class team and our rigorous cost control systems ensure that value is exceeded for every client. 

We proactively manage our client’s fabrication and construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client's business goals and become their champion in project delivery, empowering their business decisions with our depth of building services knowledge and commercial acumen.

In performing our role as commercial managers we apply our knowledge and expertise to the financial and contractual aspects of the project, while our clients are able to concentrate on operational aspects. By doing so, we are able to protect our clients from poor cashflow and un-recovered losses associated with variations, delays and disruption that can arise when they are focused on completing operational aspects of the project

In providing commercial management and quantity surveying services we are able to offer:

  • Review and negotiation service for all contract conditions and identify key risks;
  • Preparation  and vetting of tender documentation to ensure full scope and appropriate risk is discharged;
  • Drafting, preparation and vetting sub-contract documents;
  • Preparation of monthly financial forecast statements;
  • Preparation and monitotring of cash flow forecast;
  • Preparation of monthly key performance indicators (KPI's);
  • Commercial administration, including preparation and delivery of contract notices;
  • Preparation of interim applications for payment;
  • Valuation of variations and compensation events;
  • Agreement of final accounts;
  • Preparation of sub-contract interim payments; and
  • Agreement of sub-contract accounts;